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Ramona Besserman, 34 years

My recovery with PRP & Prolo for Cervical instability

„After a 2nd car accident, I was rear ended, my life turned into a nightmare. I began to have some seizures with extreme headaches and semiparalisis, nausea, palpitations, brain fog, muscular weakness and I felt pain all over my body. I was sleeping mostly of the time. I couldn’t take care of me, my children, I couldn’t drive, work or do something around the house being in that situation. So, after a few months, when I saw that the doctors didn’t find any answer for my situation, I began to search what can cause my condition (without thinking that it could be caused from my 2 accidents, the doctors denied that).
After many blood tests and seeing a dozens of doctors, finally, thanks to 2 persons we found the reason of my problems. Cervical Instability caused by the car accidents. So, after the confirmation I looked up where I can treat my condition, being also safe by doing this procedures, either with Prolotherapy or PRP and I found Dr. Agnes Stogicza is treating people by regenerating their own tissue, doing the procedures that best fits them, depending of the cause.
She is one of the doctors that looks at a patient with understanding and warmth, spend the time and answers all of your questions. It is very comfortable being around her as a patient but mostly, you feel safe.

During my recovery after the 3rd treatment with PRP and prolotherapy , treating my cervical instability, I have regained about 90 % of my life back. The severe headaches, tremors, tiredness, palpitations and fainting symptoms and other specific symptoms are nearly overcomed.
Even if sometimes, some of them reappear, the intensity is bearable and does not last long.
After almost 4 years after living with pain all over my body, especially the head and other assimilated symptoms, that did not let me live properly my life, not knowing what was wrong with me at that time, now I can say that it’s wonderful to live pain free, being healthy and with my batteries almost full charged.

Thank you very much for taking good care of me!
I highly recommend dr. Agnes and her team, doing the Regenerative Procedures for any type of condition.”

Dhyana Towell

„After suffering the disabling pain of post operative neuralgia for 6 years after a botched caesarean section surgery, I was referred to Dr Agnes Stogicza in hopes of becoming pain free. After running a couple tests, it was decided I was a candidate for a cryoablation procedure which would trigger my body to heal the damaged nerve(s).
The results were life changing. Just over 5 months post-op, all the pain I had suffered ceased completely. It has now been 8 years that I have been pain free. I can never thank her enough for giving me back the ability to live a joyous and uninhibited life.

Once again, thank you Dr Stogicza for all that you did for me. You will never be forgotten. Thanks to you and my success, I have shared my story with people who have since looked into treatment for themselves and their loved ones.”