PSI Pain Clinic is a leader in the field of pain management education in Europe. We collaborate with the University of Szeged, Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, and the Pain School International organization. We train Interventional Pain Doctors from around the world. The training is attended by doctors who already have board certification. The pain fellows are specialists in anesthesiology and intensive therapy or neurosurgery.


The current fellows in training are:

  • Dr. Mónika Hankó, MD, anesthesiologist, and intensive care specialist
  • Dr. Gergő Csete, PhD, anesthesiologist, and intensive care specialist
  • Dr. Nándor Öveges, anesthesiologist, and intensive care specialist

The attending physician is in continuous professional collaboration with the fellow. The fellow will ask about your symptoms, may examine you and then together with the treating physician, they will perform the patient examination and develop the therapeutic plan. The fellow assists the lead physician in the interventions.

Occasionally, doctors from other countries may also be present, but their role is strictly observational, and they do not participate in patient care. We ensure that there are never more than two additional doctors present during your treatment, apart from the treating physician.

Supporting education is voluntary on your part, and you have the right to refuse or withdraw consent at any time without affecting your current or future medical care.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to ask any of the staff. Your comfort and care are of utmost importance to us.